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    Confessions Part Two: Theory, theory, and more theory

    By LBG
    Feb 12, '06 6:52 PM EST

    Since day one, my thesis critic has been trying to get me to incorporate my own philisophical/architectural theory interests with this project. For whatever reason, I was hesitant and struggled with synthesizing an interesting design. What resulted was a "regular" building, one that would most likely be a part of the architectural clutter, given its program, which calls for a building that makes its presence known.

    I began to digest and synthesize the texts that I have been reading -some of which include Manuel Delanda's texts dealing with systems of self-organization, and began to apply these outlooks and understandings to the site. Below are some mappings looking at existing conditions, barriers, flow in and out and resulting patterns.

    mapping of shipping container facility

    mapping of public park

    comparison between private and public spaces, with separation

    the combination of the two diagrams scaled to the site, with the elimination of separation field, replaced with node of connectivity and interaction (missing middle diagram, coming soon)


    • look forward to seeing more.

      have you seen bill hillier's work and software that (supposedly) allows one to measure complexity of spaces and to do real-time testing of various configurations of same?

      it is the closest i have found of emergent science used in architecture as anything more than an aesthetic (a la jencks and his crew). worth a look even if you don't buy into it.

      Feb 12, 06 7:40 pm

      thanks jump,

      i will look into what you suggested. And true, depending on your perspective, or what 'ism' you subscribe to, emergent science in architecture is more of a pseudo-science.

      If you have more comments regarding these methods, I would like to hear them.

      Feb 12, 06 8:20 pm

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