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  • midterm, oh midterm.

    By LBG
    Feb 17, '06 2:41 PM EST

    midterm pics, feb 17, 2006





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  • Confessions Part Two: Theory, theory, and more theory

    By LBG
    Feb 12, '06 6:52 PM EST

    Since day one, my thesis critic has been trying to get me to incorporate my own philisophical/architectural theory interests with this project. For whatever reason, I was hesitant and struggled with synthesizing an interesting design. What resulted was a "regular" building, one that would most... View full entry

  • confessions of an architecture student: part one

    By LBG
    Feb 1, '06 3:37 PM EST

    So i seem to have gotten myself into a bind as the shape my building is taking reflects my DIAGRAMATIC block mass model (see previous entry pictures)! Maybe this was because this was the easier way to go, or I just didnt see it... Actually, I think that its a different approach that I am taking... View full entry

  • Why are critics sketches always better than the students?

    By LBG
    Jan 19, '06 8:36 PM EST

    I chatted with our visiting critic, Alexander Schmidt about my master plan for my site and he had some really good points about how one approaches a building and how one approaches an urban plan. Rather than arbitrarily placing functions/designated spaces around a site (sort of like a one plus one... View full entry

  • Urban Planning/Volumetric Massing

    By LBG
    Jan 18, '06 6:39 PM EST

    I just love having surprise the one we had today. It actually went ok, the focus was on urban planning and the scale at which one must think when dealing with planning. It was advised that I look at the site as a whole say, using the notion of the campus, where then I can take the... View full entry

  • To white the box...or not to white the box...that is the question.

    By LBG
    Jan 15, '06 6:38 PM EST

    It was brought to my attention on the pinup on friday that I must assume an attitude towards this building inform by this question: should the building stand as a background to the forground of that which is archived/displayed? Or, should the building stand as its own entity in the urban context... View full entry

  • Charette underway...

    By LBG
    Jan 12, '06 5:51 PM EST

    A couple of days into the charette and already, programmatic relationships have begun to take form subsequently informing interior spaces. The information given by the pathway diagram showed the potential overlapping of events within selected spaces. Since the theme is "inside-out" for this... View full entry

  • First Day...

    By LBG
    Jan 10, '06 4:12 PM EST

    First day of studio. We began charetting and already, Jim has had enough. We're starting out by designing our proposals from the "inside out" visions, perspectives, models etc. to begin to shape the experience of the interior space. View full entry

  • the day before the first day...

    By LBG
    Jan 8, '06 4:37 PM EST

    So, im about to begin my thesis studio tommorrow which might be different than most architecture schools. We are on the quarter system (summer, fall, winter & spring), so essentially our winter and spring terms put together are a little longer than most schools spring semester. And yes, that... View full entry

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