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    Why are critics sketches always better than the students?

    By LBG
    Jan 19, '06 8:36 PM EST

    I chatted with our visiting critic, Alexander Schmidt about my master plan for my site and he had some really good points about how one approaches a building and how one approaches an urban plan. Rather than arbitrarily placing functions/designated spaces around a site (sort of like a one plus one plus one...) one must look at the big picture and start to create a theme or concept on the urban scale.




    • liberty bell

      To answer your question: they've just been doing it longer. Communication via sketching is a learned skill that you will excel at the more you use it. Just keep on sketching!

      Jan 19, 06 11:01 pm
      Alexander Jack

      Sketches take practice just like everything else. When in the field, a sketch is often done on a napikin or scrap piece of paper with the intent to convey an idea to a client. Therefore, the sketch must be able to be comprehended. In time, you'll get it... till then check out this book, i've referenced it many times. [i]Drawing and Designing with Confidence: by Mike W. Lin[i/]. Hopefully you have it in your library.

      Jan 21, 06 1:28 pm

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