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    confessions of an architecture student: part one

    By LBG
    Feb 1, '06 3:37 PM EST

    So i seem to have gotten myself into a bind as the shape my building is taking reflects my DIAGRAMATIC block mass model (see previous entry pictures)! Maybe this was because this was the easier way to go, or I just didnt see it... Actually, I think that its a different approach that I am taking. Usually I would go into the formal investigations, then find oppotunities for programmatic insertion... Not quite a cop-out JJ. This time around I think that through making a coherent building first, formal investigations can overlap later in the design process, as to not interfere with the (primary focus of) the function of the building. Here are some pictures of my project and some pictures of those that were in my crit group.

    My pinup, note mass block diagram and plan diagram below and subsequent changes to plan and public space at the very bottom. Also, on the right, some studies into building/environment interface, taking notes from Piano's Tjibaou center in New Caledonia (Kanaki)

    Kyle Emery

    Elizabeth DeLuca

    Kevin Ebner

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