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    To white the box...or not to white the box...that is the question.

    By LBG
    Jan 15, '06 6:38 PM EST

    It was brought to my attention on the pinup on friday that I must assume an attitude towards this building inform by this question: should the building stand as a background to the forground of that which is archived/displayed? Or, should the building stand as its own entity in the urban context, an object among the objects stored within? In addition, when we think of buildings for the institution of architecture, it is ironic that most of these buildings are really not representative of 'good architecture.' i.e. Lawrence Hall (University of Oregon) and Wurster Hall (Berkeley).

    This recent charette dealt with the notion of 'inside out,' and perhaps the white box syndrome can apply on the interior spaces while exterior expression is meant to give the building its expressive identity. The user can potentially circulate within the transition of these two conditions activating the 'tween' space.



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    • Appleseed

      Man I hated Lawerence Hall...

      Jan 16, 06 1:34 am

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