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    By LBG
    Jan 8, '06 4:37 PM EST

    So, im about to begin my thesis studio tommorrow which might be different than most architecture schools. We are on the quarter system (summer, fall, winter & spring), so essentially our winter and spring terms put together are a little longer than most schools spring semester. And yes, that means a conventional term at our school is about 9-10 weeks, which isnt very generous for an architecture studio.

    That being said, our terminal studio spans two terms to give ample time for our final project. Unlike the terminal studios in Eugene, thesis students are able to choose their site and program, which adds more preliminary work but is also shaped to the students interests.

    I chosen my project to be located on the south shore of Honolulu, Hawaii. The project is an architectural resource center in the Kakaako district. An once industrial area for the city of Honolulu, industry is slowly being cleared out making way for new and contoversial developments. There has been much buzz around the state about what is being planned for the waterfront area east of the park, and newly erected buildings like the U. of Hawaii Medical School has only increased public interest in the area. My chosen site is east of the park on the Matson shipping yard, and will propose to shape the waterfront with housing, the resource center and an architectural installation park.

    Here are some images of the site visit.

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    • arch6

      Great site, look into the website for architecture department at the university of hawaii. They have a doctorate program there, so the thesis work they have displayed will show a lot of research. Make sure you do a lot of research on the native plants, rocks, and ecology in the particular region where your site is. Remember the natives are all about protecting their land in Hawaii.

      You will most likely have to address the issues of receipt and shipping for new architectural products. Look into how building materials are received on the island. You might want to call the Manager of the Home Depot on the island. They might be able to answer some questions for you if you tell them you are working on your thesis.

      Next, I am sure you aware of the fact that the coast line is deteriorating, make sure you address this issue in your design as well. The more informed you become about the environmental issues affecting the site, the better your final crit will go.

      Jan 8, 06 5:09 pm

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