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  • Architecture's Version of the separation of Church and State

    By Daniel Childs
    Apr 15, '11 7:09 PM EST

    So, I was riding my bike to school the other day happened upon this:


    Now I recall reading here on Archinect a report about Piano's, Art Institute in Chicago being 'bombed' and actually submitted a comment; more as a reaction to the other comments than any strong belief about 'street art' and this reminded me of that instance.

    This is a fairly new project just completed by Works Partnership from here in Portland and while not in the suburbs, certainly isn't in a rough part of town. It is right on my daily route to school and for a week it remained "unscrubbed" and I actually started thinking, that it was actually pretty aesthetically appealing... It's basically symmetrical, the white plays off the grey really well, and I would almost venture to say that someone who lives in a house like this, would probably recognize this, if they weren't just plain pissed off.

    Then, one morning on my ride, scrawled crooked, and sideways at the end was added "in the anus" and by the time I was heading home the tag was removed.

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  • Resilient Urban Morphologies

    By Daniel Childs
    Mar 24, '11 12:50 PM EST

    Yes, a decadent sounding name that, when contemplated is easily deciphered to mean, how an urban area adapts and maintains it's vibrancy through the years. Last term I started doing research with Professor Howard Davis, on this particular subject, and will continue looking at this through this... View full entry

  • Kinetic Architecture #2

    By Daniel Childs
    Mar 29, '10 4:17 AM EST

    Hello everyone out in the internets! So I'm currently working on a precedent study for my upcoming trip to Vancouver, BC and thought I would put a few questions to the masses. The project I've decided to look at is the Lanchid 19 Design Hotel in Budapest, Hungary; and specifically I'm looking at... View full entry

  • Final Pin-up Tomorrow

    By Daniel Childs
    Mar 8, '10 9:23 PM EST

    So I'm done... I'm now waiting for my boards to be printed up by the output room and working on a few models for tomorrow, but the winter studio, for all intensive purposes is finished... Every time this happens it always amazes me how fast time flies. I'm really happy with what I came up with... View full entry

  • Preliminary Renders

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 23, '10 4:53 AM EST

    Digital Media at the U of O is something that we tend to have to explore by ourselves as there is a strange sort of veil surrounding it's place in the curriculum. While we are required to take a generic class that attempts to teach Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, and Indesign all in a mere... View full entry

  • Kinetic Architecture

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 14, '10 2:58 AM EST

    So I'm heading to Vancover, BC in the spring to do a semester "abroad" and study urban architecture, kinetic architecture and escape the mundane college town of Eugene. Until then I'm supposed to find a kinetic architecture case study/precedent to present once we get there. Does anyone know of any... View full entry

  • Conference Table Competition

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 10, '10 1:58 AM EST

    So I just found out I won a competition for designing a conference table for the DesignBridge Community Design/build club on campus. I decided to enter the comp a few weeks ago when I was uninspired to work on my studio project, and it paid off. The design is intended to be CNC routed out of a... View full entry

  • Organizing HOPE

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 8, '10 12:52 PM EST

    Helping get together a panel for HOPES 2010 So I'm in charge of putting together a panel on CSA's, Urban Farming and Local Food Production for this years HOPES conference. This is a conference that the Ecological Design Center at the U of O puts on every year and stands for Holistic Options for... View full entry

  • Halfway Finished

    By Daniel Childs
    Feb 8, '10 12:45 PM EST

    Through mid-terms, now it's time to work on the ECS, and Human Context work. This semester we are working on a Arts Academy in downtown Portland Oregon. My mid-term went well and I got a lot of great suggestions and criticisms which I'll go over as soon as I get ahead of my other class work. This... View full entry

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