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    Urban Planning/Volumetric Massing

    By LBG
    Jan 18, '06 6:39 PM EST

    I just love having surprise the one we had today. It actually went ok, the focus was on urban planning and the scale at which one must think when dealing with planning. It was advised that I look at the site as a whole say, using the notion of the campus, where then I can take the components of a campus and then zoom in and compose these constituent parts in relation to one another. All in all I was advised to begin with "big chunks then scale down then scale down." I agree. This master plan is very important as I am setting in stone the context in which I must respond, instead of using non-concrete words when describing the context (PERHAPS the mini-mall COULD POSSIBLY be placed near my site...). This would allow for less multitasking, juggling urban plan and building design. Alas, no pictures of the urban plan progress just yet, but here are some pictures of massing/volumetric layouts. By the way, each block represents a 40ftx40ftx20ft volume.



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