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    A relaxing monday

    By Sean!
    Feb 21, '05 6:29 PM EST

    So we were all hauled out of studio this afternoon, this has happened before. Not the first time and probably wont be the last. In the past I would get really pissed, but now i just look at it as an opportunity to focus on other classes that I've probably been neglecting a little to much so far.

    As far as studio has been going.......
    It has been an interesting semester so far, I haven't been producing the amount of work that I've been common to in the past, and i haven't touched the computer once. It has been surprisingly enjoyable so far. As for professor Amatuzzo's mythology goes; Its kind of simple. He believes that architecture in itself is a discipline that needs no other connections ie. Metaphorical or extreme theoretical correlations. He often backs these ideas up with stories from his fascinating architectural experiences as we veer off on these long theoretical tangents throughout class. To sum up his idea's about architecture in a couple of sentences, "If architecture is a language whose medium is space and solid then whatever intentions that the architect wishes to communicate must be made clear and visible via that medium or be forever silent. It is never sufficient for an architect to claim to accomplish a number of things in words which may in fact fail to materialize physically."

    i maneged to snap a couple of pics before i got kicked out





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    • THe HouSe

      Maybe you should try to add some color to your models. They look less interesting than your hand sketches

      Feb 26, 05 12:59 am

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