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Sep '08 - Sep '11

  • Studio Fun

    Scott Kepford
    Oct 9, '08 3:00 AM EST

    The nice studio space we're all crammed into School is now well underway, and though we’re a month behind basically every other architecture school (due to the quarter rather than semester schedule), I think we’re going to need to catch up pretty rapidly. In studio we’re working... View full entry

  • BIG Lecture

    Scott Kepford
    Oct 1, '08 9:32 PM EST

    Bjarke Ingels of BIG spoke at UCLA on Monday, in one of the more engaging and refreshing lectures I’ve seen in a while. He looks and sounds like a kind of Danish bro, but it was actually kind of endearing, especially since he seems so smart and enthusiastic. He has a remarkable skill in... View full entry

  • LA Architecture Tour

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 29, '08 6:14 AM EST

    On Saturday the AUD held a 10 hour long tour of Los Angeles architecture for incoming students, focusing on work produced by LA-based architects. It was led by a 5th year phd student in the department, Todd Gannon, who was very personable and directed the tour with a highly irreverent tone. We saw... View full entry

  • Fall Lectures

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 25, '08 7:34 PM EST

    "Fuzzy Boundaries" indeed The UCLA AUD fall lecture series looks pretty fun. I don't know if it's listed elsewhere on Archinect, but I'll give a quick list anyway: Bjarke Ingels - Sept 29 I'm excited about this one; BIG has some projects I really love for their combination of whimsy with really... View full entry

  • Los Angeles Under Construction

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 24, '08 4:02 AM EST

    After one of the last meetings of the pre-semester rhino modeling course I’m doing, I went downtown and decided to check out some of the big construction projects going on. I figured it would be nice to check in with the city before the semester starts and I have to hang out in Westwood all... View full entry

  • Digital Workshop begins

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 5, '08 9:11 PM EST

    Perloff Hall, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design (AUD) building. I'm glad it's covered by foliage, because it's pretty boring looking! Pleasant enough in an austere way though. I’ve now had two meetings of the AUD’s summer Rhino crash course, the Digital Workshop. It’s going... View full entry

  • Anticipation

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 1, '08 4:35 PM EST

    Hello! I’m Scott, and I’m an entering first year grad at UCLA’s department of Architecture and Urban Design. You can read a little more about my background on my profile page, if that sort of thing interests you. Since UCLA is on the quarter system, I don’t start the fall... View full entry

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