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    Spring Break 2009!!

    Scott Kepford
    Mar 22, '09 1:03 AM EST

    Winter quarter has come and gone, and I’m now in New York on spring break. And yes, now I realize that I’m supposed to go to Acapulco or somewhere warm for spring break; but I don’t know anyone to mooch off of in any of those places, ha ha.

    "Spring" in New York, from the J train crossing the Williamsburg bridge

    Final reviews for our structures studio were tough; as has become custom, I spent too many nights at school, mostly in the room we call the “skank tank” (I think I picked up pink eye) and so was probably not in the best frame of mind to represent myself to the jury, but I don’t think it went too badly. Though the jury did kind of hate one of the aspects of the project that I really liked. I’ve been working on a new scheme for the skin, which is unusual for me - usually after the crit I never want to look at the project again, but I feel like this project might deserve more attention.

    Final studio review

    My final model

    One of my boards - they could use a lot more work too!

    While in New York I’m going to try to make it to the Bernard Tschumi lecture at Columbia, though I’m told that Columbia lectures aren’t always actually open to the public by virtue of a Columbia priority line and small auditorium. I’m also considering making the trek to Princeton for the Caroline Bos lecture on Monday, which should be pretty good.

    View from the New Museum roof

    I went by UCLA prof Thom Mayne's project under construction at Cooper Union today

    I'm looking forward to spring quarter, even though at UCLA on the UC quarter system we basically have three painful finals periods a year rather than the customary two. The additional helltime is balanced by more fodder for the portfolio... right?


    • fays.panda

      ur boards remind me of RUR's early projects, im not saying thats bad,, thats the first thing that came to mind, have you looked at their work? and the Atlas of novel tectonics?

      Mar 22, 09 10:14 am  · 

      That's funny; my studio instructor fall quarter worked for them (and incidentally his is the first name mentioned in the Atlas' acknowledgments, so he must have been there during the period you mention), so maybe there was some convoluted trickle-down effect? Ha ha. But I suppose that's not an offensive connection; there are probably some similar geometries at work, though the "fields" and "grids" in my project are probably way less developed. Thanks though!

      Mar 22, 09 11:59 am  · 

      Have you considered designing a piece of furniture? One that possibly functions as a hybrid of desk, dining room table, and bed, perhaps? It seems like you have already done plenty of R&D.
      See you in a couple weeks.

      Mar 22, 09 12:24 pm  · 

      Ha ha, oh so you actually noticed me eating at, drinking on, sleeping under, and occasionally even working at my desk last week? Yeah I've been thinking of various "modifications" I could make for our desks, including a pinup board/drawing storage thing and an Engel's Structure Systems-inspired folding sleeping canopy. Should I propose a tech seminar? Ha ha.

      Mar 22, 09 6:20 pm  · 

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