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    Scott Kepford
    Sep 1, '08 4:35 PM EST

    Hello! I’m Scott, and I’m an entering first year grad at UCLA’s department of Architecture and Urban Design. You can read a little more about my background on my profile page, if that sort of thing interests you. Since UCLA is on the quarter system, I don’t start the fall semester for another month, but I am doing a month-long program through the department called the Digital Workshop, which starts tomorrow. It’s mainly meant to get everyone up to speed in all the software we’ll be using, but it may be interesting because it’s set up like a mini studio, with a crit at the end. So hopefully I’ll still have something to write about even though the fall semester starts so late.

    Some of my favorite schoolblog entries have revealed a bit more about the writer than their projects or the studio culture at their schools. I would love to continue in this vein and want the blog to cross over from being purely didactic descriptions of assignments to a more personal description of life writ large while in school.

    Partially to that end, I’ll lay out a brief recap of my summer. It was actually pretty non-architectural, as I stopped working at my last firm here in Koreatown in June. I got by working for my dad in the Bay Area, using lasers and tablet PCs to measure building floorplans. The on-and-off nature of the work allowed me to travel a bit and pursue personal projects. I went to a wedding in Dublin Ireland, and was able to catch a few shows of some friends’ bands in New York and San Francisco. I also started a design collective with some friends, but we’re still putting together the first project, so I’ll post more when it comes to fruition. All in all, a relaxing summer that’s almost certainly ill preparation for the year to come.

    Thanks! By the way, any advice from current or former Perloffers would be much appreciated!

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