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    Contemporaneity of Real Estate Ads

    Scott Kepford
    Jan 31, '09 10:29 PM EST

    I was at the MOCA gift store today flipping through a mens magazine called Fantastic Man, which is put out by the creators of the fabulously gay Butt Magazine, when I was amazed to discover UCLA professor Neil Denari full-page staring back at me. It was apparently an ad for his under-construction HL23 (kind of a nice site actually) condo building on the High Line in Chelsea.

    "Advertisement in Fantastic Man, the magazine’s first ever real estate advertisement." - Pandiscio Co - brand creation & design for Denari's HL23

    They really did an ad JUST for a gay mens mag? The shot IS very Fantastic Man... Congrats on being an object of gay desire Neil! I kind of want to show this to my theory teacher Sylvia Lavin so we can deconstruct its contemporaneity in class.

    Even Kanye loves it:
    He even had a very erudite critique of it, even discussing the merits of the structural system. Maybe an intern wrote that.

    Also, I'm going to a funny "mixer" at school tonight called "Drape Me". The description is:
    "Come dressed as your favorite Rhino
    command. Drape, Split, Make2d, Show
    Naked Edges... Use your imagination!"
    And it includes "Beer! Music! Noshes! Fun! Best Costume Contest! Pin-the-horn-on-the-Rhino! Point Cloud Twister! Draw-Curve-on-Surface Body Painting!" I'm bringing non-arch friends, so I hope it won't be TOO dorky.

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