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    Digital Workshop begins

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 5, '08 9:11 PM EST
    Perloff Hall, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design (AUD) building. I'm glad it's covered by foliage, because it's pretty boring looking! Pleasant enough in an austere way though.

    I’ve now had two meetings of the AUD’s summer Rhino crash course, the Digital Workshop. It’s going well, and it’s thankfully not as intense as I feared it might be. A nice ramping up to the real start of the semester. We’re using as a case study of sorts organisms from Ernst Haeckel’s 1904 “Kunstformen der Natur”. We’ve been asked to take a ‘plan’ and section of an organism and model their micro and macro skeleton and skin in Rhino, and we’ll end by evolving the model along lines essential to the original organism. Nothing groundbreaking, but it seems like a pretty nice way to learn to use software. I actually did almost the exact same process with flower models in a maya class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but the instructor was pretty disengaged so I think I’ll get more out of this one.

    This is the very beginning of my Rhino model – just the plan and section with a grid built around important points of the organism.

    I picked a pretty simple organism so I could build a really nice model without wasting time on tentacular flourishes or radial projections. I think there’s still enough to work with – especially where I have to fill in information on how the plan meets the section in 3d. Next we have to draw in pretty thorough linework around the micro/macro scale of skeleton and skin, emphasizing essential lines of connection and structure.

    So I’m gonna get to work!

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    • difficultfix

      Rhino is such an easy program to learn. You will be cranking out projects left and right...pretty soon if you havent already

      Very cool...

      Dec 3, 08 2:15 am  · 

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