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    Winter/Spring Quarter Lectures/Events

    Scott Kepford
    Jan 25, '09 7:07 AM EST
    Ooo, gold!

    The spring quarter lectures were added to the new poster which was released since I last posted about winter quarter lectures, so I'll post all of them together here to recap:

    Feb 6 - Christopher Bangle (Director of Group Design for BMW)

    *CANCELED* Feb 10 - Winy Maas (MVRDV)
    We just heard from the department that this lecture is canceled, but that they're going to try to reschedule for Spring quarter.

    Feb 23 - Enric Ruiz-Geli (Cloud 9 architecture studio)

    March 4 - Billie Tsien (Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects)

    March 9 - Peter Ebner (Ebner and Friends Architecture)

    April 13 - Jean-Louis Cohen (who I don't know anything about but who appears to be a writer on modernist architecture?)

    May 4 - Jun Aoki

    May 11 - Ben Ball (of Ball-Nogues Studio, who gave a nice lecture at SCI-Arc a year or so ago; and I love that their studio is in my former (and favorite) hood, Echo Park)

    There are also a bunch of lectures at SCI-Arc, of which I'm probably most excited about Elena Manferdini (March 25) and my instructor for both studio and tech last quarter, Jason Payne (April 8). USC has a lecture series too of course, but none of the topics really grab me this semester.

    Artist/landscape architect/animal architect Fritz Haeg (watch out, his site resizes your entire browser window; ew) of "Edible Estates" and "Animal Estates" fame is giving a talk at Pomona College, which I may be driving my roommate to as she's currently writing her thesis on "food rituals in art practice". Haeg's work is actually kind of interesting, and definitely applicable to architecture. The talk is at Pomona College Museum of Art, 333 N. College Way, Claremont, at 4:15pm on February 11.

    At LACMA there's an interesting sounding lecture called "The Strange Genius of Sir John Soane", given by the director of Sir John Soane's Museum, London, who "will discuss Soane, the idiosyncratic architect" (whose work I've heard referenced in studio recently). Late notice though; it's tomorrow, Monday January 26, at 7pm in the Brown Auditorium.

    -I'm not sure how long it'll be up for, but the current show at the UCLA AUD gallery is "Currents", showing current student work. My group's basin from our tech seminar is installed.
    -An installation by another first year studio instructor, Predock_Frane's Lineweights is up for one last week at the LAForum Gallery (6520 Hollywood Blvd) - closing Friday, January 30.
    -In the SCI-Arc gallery is an installation by Susanne Zottl: A Styrofoam Lover with (E)motions of Concrete.
    -During the month of April, in the really amazing Echo Park gallery/event space/science and culture thinktank Machine Project will be installed the Increasingly Spooky Forest, which I will not miss.

    Finally, UCLA AUD has a new website which looks and functions nicely, but is barely more linkable than the last one.


    At least I can link to categories now, if not individual pages or items. Annoyingly it doesn't appear to have a list or calendar of upcoming lectures? Less surprisingly, it looks like we still won't have a watchable archive of previous lectures. Oh well, at least I can comfort myself with those charming electronica tones when the site loads.


    • Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      Jean-Louis Cohen is the biggest name on that list, for sure.

      Jan 25, 09 1:58 pm  · 

      For what? I hate to disrespect celebrity, ha ha ha.

      Jan 25, 09 4:29 pm  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      No worries. He's written dozens of books in French, English, and German. Just a very famous architecture historian.

      Jan 26, 09 12:28 am  · 

      I just got that lecture poster in the mail.

      How much did that f*cker cost to produce? Beautiful, heavy, gold paper, essentially defaced by silly, stylized fonts--some of which you can actually read! (Somewhere, the graphic artist is saying, "Sh*t! You can still read them!")

      A non-designer friend of mine saw me looking at the poster, then looked at the poster himself, and then laughed.

      Anyway... some of the lectures look interesting, at least!

      Jan 26, 09 7:50 pm  · 

      I kind of love it! But maybe I'm predisposed to just because it's gold. But don't we need more golden things right now, even if they're just paper? Ha ha. It reminds me of this Japanese guy who thought people needed cheering up during the last recession so he made little shiny golden poops that sit on little satin pillows! So don't look at that lecture poster and think it's supposed to be a legible designed document; think of it as a happy golden poop!

      Jan 27, 09 12:57 am  · 

      I like that thinking, Scott!

      Jan 27, 09 4:07 pm  · 

      scott, i am going paint my shoes gold honor of that poster

      Jan 27, 09 4:30 pm  · 

      Remember to write your name in a barely legible font on them!

      Jan 27, 09 4:38 pm  · 

      Does anyone know if these or similar lectures are available on streaming video or podcast? I am interested, but live & work far away from LA.

      Jan 28, 09 10:27 am  · 

      Does anyone know if these or similar lectures are available on streaming video or podcast? I am interested, but live & work far away from LA.

      Jan 28, 09 10:28 am  · 

      Crem, no they aren't, at least nowhere I've found. SCI-Arc and I believe USC both have an archive of previous lectures (as well as most of the other good schools in the country!), and I think they sometimes stream the lectures as well. Check their websites for that. If UCLA ever does set something up like that, I'll be sure to post about it.

      Jan 28, 09 6:15 pm  · 

      Just a heads up to anyone who was excited about the the Winy Maas lecture next tuesday (like I was) - it has sadly been canceled. I'll edit the list above to reflect that.

      Feb 2, 09 5:47 pm  · 

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