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    Fall Lectures

    Scott Kepford
    Sep 25, '08 7:34 PM EST
    "Fuzzy Boundaries" indeed

    The UCLA AUD fall lecture series looks pretty fun. I don't know if it's listed elsewhere on Archinect, but I'll give a quick list anyway:

    Bjarke Ingels - Sept 29
    I'm excited about this one; BIG has some projects I really love for their combination of whimsy with really solid ideas.

    Stefano Boeri - Oct 20
    Could be interesting - Boeri is the editor of Abitare, which I've never really read cover to cover. Boeri's bio leads me to think this will be deeper than Miele ads and Newsom shelving, which is my image of the magazine.

    Greg Lynn - Oct 27
    I saw Lynn speak at SCI-Arc last school year, and I thought it was really good, but I'm hoping this will be a different talk. Maybe more about his work with students as he teaches in the AUD. Lynn is also doing a book signing after the lecture.

    Jan & Tim Edler - Nov 17
    I don't know too much about their studio "realities:united" but they appear to do media/architecture installations; their most publicized project seems to be the light installation on the Kunsthaus Graz. Should be nice to see work about making architecture more communicative.

    Jurgen Mayer H - Nov 24
    I'm also really excited about Mayer's lecture as I think he's got a great ability to make form and pattern exciting, but I've never heard much about the ideas behind his work.

    All lectures are on Mondays at 630pm in Perloff Hall (which I have never actually heard it called - it's always been referred to as the Decafe).

    Another interesting UCLA-related event is the opening of a storefront installation at LACE on Hollywood Blvd. I know one of the creators through my ex who was in the Design|Media Arts program with her - she's really good so I'm expecting good things from this installation. It opens on Oct 15 6-8pm, with a presentation & discussion on Nov 13 at 7pm.

    As for some other LA lectures:

    I'll refer you to Emily at USC for her post on lectures there; I'm most excited about Nader Tehrani, and pissed that I missed Ai Wei Wei.

    And a link to SCI-Arc's lectures page (wow, a site that actually allows me to link to specific pages; can't wait for the new UCLA AUD site redesign to launch as I think you can link to pages...). I'm most excited about the Tom Wiscombe lecture, as I've never seen him speak.

    And there's also the still semi-mysterious Wolf Prix lecture I mentioned in my last post - at the new High School #9 on Grand and Hwy 101 downtown on Nov 6 at 630pm.

    The last thing I'll list here that I'm excited about this fall is a lecture (pdf link) at Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House given by Thom Andersen, who made Los Angeles Plays Itself, a really excellent documentary of sorts using clips from the history of film to illustrate how Los Angeles architecture and urbanism has been depicted throughout its (short) history. I first saw it two years ago when I was living in Berlin for the summer, about a month before I first moved to Los Angeles. My (American and Canadian) friends and I were all cracking up about the dry LA humor in the film while the rest of the (German) audience was completely silent. It actually got me excited to move here in a perverse way, so I'm excited to see Andersen expand on the themes from the film. It's on Wednesday Oct 1 at 7:30 p.m, at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, 4800 Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz.


    • morgan2sims

      are there any lecture archives posted online at ucla website?

      Sep 27, 08 11:40 am  · 

      Morgan, I actually don't know about lecture archives. If there is an archive, I don't have any idea how you'd find it on the AUD's dumb website. I'll ask someone about it.

      Sep 27, 08 1:31 pm  · 

      sweet! thanks

      Sep 28, 08 10:51 am  · 

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