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    VI. Time Duration and Perception - Fundamentals of Architecture for beginners (Juhani Pallasmaa and Steven Holl on Enmeshed Experience)

    Farzam Kharvari
    Apr 7, '17 9:42 AM EST

    VI.  Time Duration and Perception

    [This part of our articles provides you a basic understanding of "Duration"]

    Perceptual  experience of architecture is a form of concentrated energy and is called lived time which is in memory but soul Media has created a dismemberment.

    Duration or “duree’ reel” [Real Time] is a combination of similar times when architecture is experienced in lived time. thereafter being experienced in life it gains form and material just like duree’ reel but this creation can face spatial resolution only when time can be measured.

    Conclusion: Nowadays anxiety is because of distend of time in perception of architecture.

    Since only the present exist (neither future nor past), duration is created in our mind by capturing two images in memory and duration is the impression created by changes of consciousness of these two images.

    Description: Grand Central Terminal

    For instance in NYC there is dispersed negative energy in the Grand Central Terminal which dusted light broaden the attention of the users and as a result time is extended which is not desired.


    The analog between architecture and cinema is the time. In “Plazzo del Cinema” (1990), time was measured by the reflection of sunlight on the floor.



    -Farzam Kharvari

    Please feel free to ask your questions in comments below or contact me through my profile and as always your suggestions are always welcomed ;)


    References: Questions of Perception

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    • Beautiful photograph. Questioning perception I get but the essay I don't. 

      Nowadays anxiety is because of distend of time in perception of architecture.  

      dispersed negative energy

      May 25, 17 10:22 am  · 

      Pallasmaa in his article in the book on "Time" believes:

      Jan 12, 18 7:50 am  · 

      "the problem of temporal fragmentation of modern life; the destructive effects of increasing levels of media saturation resulting in stress and anxiety; might in countered in part by distention of time in the perception of architectural space"

      Jan 12, 18 8:01 am  · 

      Later he continues, "The physical and perceptual experience o architecture is not scattering or dispersion - but a concentration of energy. This physically experienced "lived time" is measured in the memory and the soul in contrast to dismemberment of fragmented messages of media."

      Jan 12, 18 8:04 am  · 

      He also believe s harshest experiences of scattered and negative dispersal of energy and transcendent impressions exist simultaneously and mentions Grand Central Terminal as an instance.

      Jan 12, 18 8:05 am  · 


      Apr 15, 18 2:43 am  · 

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