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    I. The merging of object and field - Fundamentals of Architecture for beginners (Juhani Pallasmaa and Steven Holl on Enmeshed Experience)

    Farzam Kharvari
    Mar 8, '17 9:32 PM EST

                                              Enmeshed Experience

    I.   The merging of object and field

    (If you are a newbie student of Architecture and you have no background in phenomenology the following text is going to explain the following:

    When you are designing as a novice architect, your design will form a picture in which not only walls, roofs, plants exist but also there are so many other objects and qualities that create a totality to make an impression on your users (or your professors! :)  )

    In-between reality: Experiencing things is intangible where objects start to overlap, the moment which clarity of each single element begins to be vanished, the moment which all objects merge to the field.

    Only thereafter the total perception is fused to subjective and objective which we call it as conceptual logic, assuming that there is a link on its question of its ultimate perception to inter-subjective link.

    Creation of Architecture space: is by merging of:

    A. foreground

    B. Middle ground

    C. Distant view.

    Therefor elements of Design can be individually studied but at final step there is no simple collection of objects but only the merged totality.

    Cinema is a good example of the case since interlocked time, light, object and etc., create the whole which no longer no element can be distinguished individually. {“Question of Perception” (book) mentions the movie of “7 Samurais”]

    (the moment that the Samurai falls is the moment in which the director created a totality to make an impression (look at the rain, ground, mud, people or fighters in distant view, You totally feel the scene and the pain of the Samurai!}

    -Farzam Kharvari



    References: Questions of Perception

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    • awaiting_deletion

      this is a good intro to phenomenology.

      Columbia U.  had some peer paper production a while back with interviews on phenomenology vs parametricism, the interview with Steven Holl was illuminating.

      Mar 11, 17 5:56 pm  · 

      Thank you so much Max, I will try to upload it in a special issue. Stay tuned ...

      Mar 11, 17 6:30 pm  · 

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