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    VII. Water: a Phenomenal Lens - Fundamentals of Architecture for beginners (Juhani Pallasmaa and Steven Holl on Enmeshed Experience)

    Farzam Kharvari
    May 4, '17 6:32 PM EST

    VII.   Water: a Phenomenal Lens

    Water is a major character of experiencing thus we know it as “phenomenal lens” and its powers are:

    A. Reflection

    B. Spatial reversal

    C. Refraction

    D. Transformation of light rays

    In autumn colors are more intense as they are reflected by the water or imagine sunlight refraction in crests of wavelets.

    Description: Autumn 

    Description: Sunlight Flickering of Water


    Fukuoka 1989, Japan, as a case study for "Refraction":

    "Four active north facing voids interlock with four quiet south facing voids to bring a sense of the sacred into domestic life. To ensure emptiness, the south voids are flooded with water, generating flickering reflections."  -Steven Holl

    Watch Video Below: VOID SPACE/HINGED SPACE HOUSING by Steven Holl


    This water shows immediate changes of wind by changing refraction of water and if rain pours down it’s an absolute evidence and clouds passing the water is their mirror and also for twilight. [it’s what modern urban life has immobilized poetry and weather forecasting ability in today’s life.]

    Description: Feel the Situation


    Characteristics of water as an opportunity in design to create sacred spaces are:

    A: transformation of light through material

    Description: Materials and Transformations (Refraction)

    B: Mythic magical phenomena of refraction which is almost always created by water.

    Description: Mythic Magical Phenomena of Refraction


    -Farzam Kharvari

    Please feel free to ask your questions in comments below or contact me through my profile and as always your suggestions are always welcomed ;)


    References: Questions of Perception

    Link to Steven Holl's project:

    The photos belong to Shutterstock, solar.physics.montana.eduBigshot CameraGizmodojoemamerphoto.photoshelter.commedia.gettyimages.comGraphic Design Junction

    © 2017 Farzam Kharvari ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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