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    We all want to be the next Starchitect! BUT HOW? (Special Issue: Young Architects)

    Farzam Kharvari
    May 18, '17 6:49 PM EST

    We all want to be the next Starchitect! BUT HOW?

          According to Wikipedia [Article: Davide Ponzini and Michele Nastasi, STARCHITECTURE: Scenes, Actors and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities. Turin, Allemandi, 2011]

          "Starchitect is a portmanteau used to describe architects whose celebrity and critical acclaim have transformed them into idols of the architecture world and may even have given them some degree of fame amongst the general public. Celebrity status is generally associated with avant-gardist novelty."

          And now HOW are we supposed to take our own paths to become the next architect?!

          In this article, we introduce the most important book we should read as architects, 

    How designers think by Bryan Lawson

          In this book you will learn about great architects around the world and their design process. You will learn about 5 essential steps every successful architect takes and also the book will explain the role of sketching in architecture and design process, pool of precedents and concepts in architecture!

          One of the key elements in becoming a starchitect is our pool of precedents! but what is the "Pool of Precedents"?

          Pool of Precedents: When you look at pictures (in our case architectural images!) you will perceive the images and when you look at those images architecturally you will perceive some certain architectural aspects including concepts, details and much more!  all these information are stored somewhere in our mind called the pool of precedents! 

                    Ok but how is that going to help us as architects?

                                     Aren't we copying the same projects in that way?!

          The answer is "NO, YOU ARE NOT". Actually we are going to store them, recall them and manipulate them to fit and create a new space and atmosphere in our design and project!

                         Ok! but how are we going to manipulate them?

          It seriously depends on you! As you remember, We talked about water and the way it intensifies the atmosphere of autumn using its potential to reflect everything. On the other hand we can find many great projects by Steven Holl, Juhani Pallasmaa and etc. and the way they used the same concept of water and its reflection! Then you need to find details for its edges and etc.. Putting them all together will result in a new design which belongs to you!

                                              As Google Says: 

                                                              "Stand on the shoulders of giants"



    -Farzam Kharvari

    Please feel free to ask your questions in comments below or contact me through my profile and as always your suggestions are always welcomed ;)


    References: How designers think by Bryan Lawson

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    © 2017 Farzam Kharvari ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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