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    Fundamentals of Architecture for beginners (Juhani Pallasmaa and Steven Holl on Enmeshed Experience - Perspectival Space)

    Farzam Kharvari
    Mar 11, '17 7:15 PM EST

                                             Enmeshed Experience

    II.  Perspectival Space

    (     If you are a newbie student of Architecture and you have no background or partial background in phenomenology the following text is going to explain the text below:

         When you are designing as a novice architect, your design relies on different perspectives that make different impressions on your users thus it is much better to design your perspectives or views for your users' experience. ;) )

         Incomplete Perception one absolute instance is our today modern city which is offering multiple vanishing points and horizons, thereby results in distinct field, objects and etc. as a whole which it means it’s all partial views not the complete one. {"Here is why I would like to mention why Bird views are not the best views for architecture projects." -Steven Holl}

    Urban perspectives are revealed by:

    A. Angle of Movement

    B. Speed of Movement

         We can not enumerate all perspectives since all paths remain in ambiguity.

         No single view of an object is complete since it’s always altering by street and etc. thereby we are in need of an incorporation in the built environment.

    Description: Look at this photo, you feel the advertisement, kind of ambiguity and different paths to choose which each one will provide you a different impression.

    Description: These three paintings represent the concept: The Ideal City in different eras. But our point here is to find the same qualities within the paintings.


    -Farzam Kharvari

    Please feel free to ask your questions in comments below or contact me through my profile and don't forget your suggestions are always welcomed ;)


    References: Questions of Perception

    The photos belong to, Web Gallery of Art, Federico Zeri (1976) (in English) Italian paintings in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore: Walters Art Gallery, no. 96, pp. 143-151 OCLC: 2463997, Staatliche Museen Berlin, Gemäldegalerie

    © 2017 Farzam Kharvari ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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