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    Torso Wall Installation Update

    Mark Bearak Oct 4 '08 5

    Hello Everyone,

    Here is our first wall installation for the Solid States Concrete Conference. Special thanks to LaFarge and Columbia University for all of your help! To see more of our work please visit:

    The wall was 6' tall and 12' wide.

    Each unit is 1" thick.

    The reconfigurable bricks stack in 6 different configurations.

    Special thanks to Mark Collins for the photographs.



    • Nam HendersonNam Henderson
      Oct 5, 08 1:39 pm

      Damm, that is pretty...

      Oct 6, 08 12:42 am

      I've seen this several times. All I want to do is run my hands all over it- both from afar and (even more so) up close it looks incredibly, invitingly tactile, but unfortunately, there are two "do not touch" signs prominently displayed on either end of the wall...

      o d b
      Oct 6, 08 2:46 am

      hey mark, it looks great man!

      Mark Bearak
      Oct 7, 08 5:41 pm

      greg, you can touch it, just lightly :)

      Oct 13, 08 3:47 am

      Thanks, I touched the single piece on the table. Lightly, of course!

      By "invitingly tactile," I meant both the forms and the material.

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