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    Trip Entry 1 - Singapore

    Mark Bearak Dec 15 '06 1

    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you are all alive and wrapping up your semesters. This is my first entry to my travel log.

    My 36 hour flight went smoothly from New York to Singapore. My stop over in Japan was only about 10 minutes, but I really got a feeling for what the country was like, whatever. I did manage to get some quality time with a local stewardes and she ushered me onto my plane (it was a really special moment)

    I arrived in Singapore late last night and Aaron, my friend from Australia, was waiting for me. I took a much needed shower and we hit the town. Unfortunately it was already 4:00 am, and most of the pubs we shutting down. So we grabbed a case of Tiger beer and started drinking by the boat quay. Needless to say drinking alcohol is illegal outside, and I guess peeing in alley ways is illegal too... hmmmm... anyway the cops weren't too hard on us and I just played the dumb American bit.

    Tomorrow we head up to Malaysia.

    Be good,

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