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    Garden Installation available for donation

    Mark Bearak Jun 9 '09 4

    We are looking for a permanent home for our Amphorae concrete installation and we are hoping that you can help us find a spot! We have found a home for one of our projects which will permanently be on display at the AIA Center for Architecture in New York and we are hoping that other local institutions would be interested in our other work.

    The project has been presented throughout North America and now we do not have space to store our vertical wall system. We have decided to donate it to any institution that would display it publicly and we can also help with planting the wall fro the summer season.

    We currently have 32 bricks available and we can deliver them anywhere within close proximity to New York City. The blocks are reconfigurable and can fill a variety of spaces depending on the layout.

    You can find more information about the project here:

    E-mail me directly at if you have any questions.


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