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Nam Henderson

Gainesville, FL, US



I was raised in NYC, but after almost two decades of living in North Florida I consider myself an Alachua County resident (ACR) and Southern Yankee. I have two degrees, a B.A. and M.A. from University of Florida. Although, my academic training is in social history one life goal is another graduate degree, a PhD focused on issues of urban design/planning/community development.

When not working, I volunteer on local government advisory boards; serving as both chair of the CRA's Eastside Redevelopment Advisory Board, member of Environmental Protection Advisory Committee and past chair/member of the Alachua County Recreation and Open Spaces Advisory Board.

The initial inspiration for my interest in all things architectural and urban, was developed through friendships, with students in UF's College of Design, Construction and Planning. This interest has been further developed through my involvement with Archinect, first as member and then contributor/editor. In these roles I have contributed original content with weekly Editor's Picks, interviews/features and encouraged other's writing in occasional Op-Ed series. Through all these efforts I seek to contribute to the larger architectural-urban discussion.

An ex-liberal arts student now in the healthcare/information technology field, I am a friend of architects and lover of design. My "professional" interests include: sustainability/ecology, teaching, learning, urban(isms), reclamation, religion(s) and technology.

Also, I am by birth a Canuck... But not by location


Nam's Featured Articles on Archinect

Student Works: FOUNDhouse by Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams, Wed, Feb 5 '14

When Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams began realizing their ambition to build a micro-dwelling, they began with a Wikihouse design. The WikiHouse project is an open-source library of construction sets for houses, where anyone can submit, edit, and use the designs. The design's components can all ...

Student Works: FOUNDhouse by Patrick Beseda and Lacy Williams

525 Golden Gate Seismically and Systematically Sustainable, Mon, Apr 16 '12

by Nam Henderson One beneficial result derived from the public's growing familiarity with the phrase “green design” is a renewed examination of what defines green or sustainable design. Within the field of architectural design and construction, this prominence has inevitably ...

525 Golden Gate Seismically and Systematically Sustainable

What is a Park - Landscape or Infrastructure, Thu, Apr 7 '11

How can a park be designed to serve as infrastructure(s)? Thinking not in terms of metaphor alone. But rather a park as the architecture for numerous designed outcomes. Park as infrastructure, means park as platform not only designed object/scape. From a singular tool to multivalent toolkit. It ...

What is a Park - Landscape or Infrastructure

Archinect Op-Ed: Meier or Piano? A Provocation., Tue, Jan 18 '11

A few months ago, before I visited the High Museum complex for the first time, a friend explained to me why he preferred the work of Piano's addition in comparison to Meier's original building. Key for him were two factors. First, the quality of detailing on Piano's addition, with regards ...

Archinect Op-Ed: Meier or Piano? A Provocation.

Archinect does DallasJudging KRob, Mon, Nov 15 '10

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is the most senior architectural competition currently in operation anywhere in the world. Recently, Archinect Senior Editor Namanand Henderson traveled to Dallas to judge this year's entries. Besides reflecting on the experience of judging, Nam ...

Archinect does DallasJudging KRob


Archinect, Senior Editor

Online, whether as reader or contributor/editor Nam seeks to add to a larger architectural-urban discussion, through interviews, discussions and writing.

Jan 2008 - current


University of Florida, Masters, History

Community studies and social identity. Thesis entitled: "Village community and peasant society in medieval England".

Aug 2004 - Dec 2006


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