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    Danny Wills Nov 30 '07 8

    What happened to the fire that used to burn, that unquenchable thirst, that love dare I say? Where has it gone?



    • b3tadine[sutures]
      Nov 30, 07 4:34 am

      it comes and goes, just wait for it, it'll come again...

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Nov 30, 07 7:03 am

      fire: fuel got too expensive? the thirst: quenched? love: break-up?

      which metaphor are we gonna talk about here?

      on a serious note: if your own instructor(s) aren't giving you the drive that you need to make it through the last weeks, check in with another member of the faculty who you admire. just see if that person has time to talk.

      or start drawing something just 'cause you want to, unrelated to what's expected of you.

      or go to a lecture.

      or visit sanaa's new museum or the allied's columbus circle construction site or the folk art museum.

      you can find the fire/thirst/love again.

      Nov 30, 07 4:37 pm

      it's in the nine squares...return to the nine squares!!!!

      vado retro
      Dec 1, 07 8:50 am

      whatever you do, find it! you will need it to detail those stair sections!!!

      Dec 3, 07 3:00 pm

      did your trip to the New Museum help at all?
      Dec 6, 07 12:22 am

      or you could transfer to mendrisio and study under zumthor

      Jan 3, 08 10:06 am

      hey i'm an architecture student in miami, fl and was considering transferring to cooper union, it be really cool if i could ask you some questions about the school, let me know

      aim sn: polaroidcarla

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