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    040 - Bruce Mau at Kent

    Danny Wills Nov 8 '07 0

    So I'm flying back to Kent this coming Tuesday to attend the Bruce Mau lecture.. if anyone is in the Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown area, I would definitely recommend attending. Me and a few friends have been working with the Dean for about a year to put this lecture series together, and I felt it necessary to physically see the fruit of our labors. Check out the poster for more..

    larger image here
    (Design: Jon Jackson / WSDIA)

    In other news, I wanted to apologize for my recent "whininess" in the last entry. I really do love it here, do not get me wrong. I realize the more and more that I am here that I really do appreciate the things that have happened to me and where I am now. I never once have regretted my decision to transfer. The whole transfer into first year thing, however, gets frustrating at times.. and I think that was what was talking previously. I see the thesis students, and the great work being produced out of there, and get very anxious for it. But, I know that time will come eventually for me, in the mean time.. I will work hard on what is at hand, and push it to the limits, and hopefully even past those.

    Our new project is an analysis of Central Park, which I am completely excited about. We're being encouraged to explore every inch of Central Park. The analysis will eventually result in a 1'=1/128" scale model (roughly 3'x8') in four groups of 7. From there, we will split off individually and study a more intimate part at full scale, in a 12"x12"x12" field. Will post pictures soon.


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