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    026 - Spring Design Lecture Series - 01: M1/DTW

    Danny Wills Feb 19 '07 3

    (Kent State University)


    The man who controls everyone on Archinect through his immensly popular t-shirt.
    I even finally bought it for the occasion.
    You should come, it will be grand.



      Feb 21, 07 9:02 pm

      just a heads up...
      unverzagt has some interesting work.
      mark + peter anderson.... not so much. and they're terrible lecturers.

      Danny Wills
      Feb 21, 07 9:57 pm

      unverzagt was very good. i always love to see design+build firms, and the graphic design side of them won me over.

      that's a shame to hear the andersons are bad lectures.. although i've heard the same about most startchitects, too.
      Feb 21, 07 10:09 pm

      funny enough, most of the better lectures i've seen have been either small firms or design build a la SHoP + rick joy.

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