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Sep '06 - Jan '11

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    018 - sleep...?

    Danny Wills Dec 1 '06 1

    (Kent State University)

    Final project time. End of semester time. Therefore, everything is due at the same exact time and every class demands all your time. But we've all been through it before, this is architecture school..

    Juries will be exciting. Greg Stroh is bringing a group of faculty members from Syracuse for the juries, along with others from Carnegie-Mellon, Detroit-Mercy, and I think Columbia. Once I get the names I'll post em.. and maybe anyone from Syracuse can give me some helpful tips, because I believe I have one on my jury.

    So I made a schedule of things to do each day this week, and for some reason I cross out the days as I go, but none of the assignments. Everything gets backed up, the future looks less and less exciting. Sleep gets far away, contact to the outside world is severed. Oh well, woe is me, woe is architecture.


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