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    A Center for Ants? Jul 24 '07 5

    Fall lineup just got announced.

    Atelier Bow-wow and Mark Lee (together), Craig Hodgetts, and Barton Myers for 3rd year options studios.

    Research studios will be by Neil Denari, Greg Lynn, Dagmar Richter, and Kivi Sotamaa.

    Second year major building studio: Dagmar Richter, Roger Sherman, and Harvey Weinstein.

    First year studios: Marcelyn Gow, Georgina Huljich, Jason Payne, and Olivier Touraine

    Tech Seminar: Jason Payne



    • MArch n' unemployed
      Jul 25, 07 8:32 pm

      guess the rumors of a denari studio at berkeley this fall are untrue

      Jul 28, 07 7:34 pm

      wait a minute, the harvey weinstein?! as in the producer??? has to be someone else, i'm guessing.

      A Center for Ants?
      Jul 28, 07 8:02 pm

      haha. that's my brain going to pieces over the summer and me being wrapped up in LA...

      RICHARD weinstein. not harvey... (that's frightening... i'm becoming too LA)

      Jul 29, 07 11:57 pm

      shame... i was all psyched for interdisciplinary adventures!

      Aug 12, 07 6:35 pm

      hi. i'm applying for ucla's m.arch this fall. i was wondering if i could exchange a couple Q&A emails with you on your experience there? thank you!

      [wennyhsu at gmail dot dom]

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