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    Honest Abe

    A Center for Ants? Apr 23 '07 3

    Hitoshi Abe's exhibit / official welcome at/to UCLA goes up Wednesday.

    Lecture at 6:30pm with reception to follow.

    Check it out. If not for the reception at sometime in the future.

    btw i didn't make the little flyer graphic. just a disclaimer in case you ppl give me crap.


    • Apurimac
      Apr 23, 07 5:34 pm

      yeah, that is a pretty weak poster.

      Nick SowersNick Sowers
      Apr 24, 07 12:03 am

      hmm, I visited this dude's office in Sendai; I like his work. I think I'll go. Thanks Ants?.

      Nick SowersNick Sowers
      Apr 26, 07 6:12 pm

      thank you UCLA for the free Sapporo's and sushi.

      What are UCLA students thinking about having Abe as the chair? I respect his work and all, but the impression I got from the lecture was quite vague, (paraphrasing) something about fusing the two edges of the Pacific to make platform from which to launch the future? It sounds to me like they're going in a bold direction.

      It's interesting as well that Abe will be spending 80% of his time in LA, conferencing by Skype with his office in Sendai.

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