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    That's SO LA

    A Center for Ants? Apr 7 '07 11

    This past week a UCLA architecture professor was rear-ended in a traffic accident on the way to school teach a course.

    Mischa Barton was the other driver. Welcome to LA.



    • strlt_typ
      Apr 7, 07 11:02 pm

      was mischa barton wearing underwear?

      Apr 7, 07 11:54 pm

      woow!!! mischa barton!

      Apr 7, 07 11:54 pm

      woow!!! mischa barton!

      Apr 8, 07 3:08 am

      what was she drivin'?

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Apr 8, 07 1:18 pm

      well, at least he knows she's got the cash to fix his car...

      Apr 9, 07 8:39 pm

      Who's Mischa Barton?

      Apr 10, 07 1:00 am

      ^ I had to google

      Apr 10, 07 10:31 am

      I think I know who she is. Figures...dumb LA chick that was probably on the phone (this is not a poke on women, just "those" LA chicks - I am sure you all know what I mean).

      A Center for Ants?
      Apr 10, 07 6:29 pm

      apparently her dog was distracting her...

      Apr 16, 07 6:47 pm

      so, i was reading the l.a. weekly the other day and came across an article about said incident!

      Apr 17, 07 11:29 pm

      Yeah, just saw the article today. I laughed. Didn't know it was Mack.

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