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    the son returns part II

    A Center for Ants? Apr 21 '07 2

    I forgot to mention Hitoshi Abe has fully taken his position as the new dean. He has taken it very seriously and he's very present in Perloff Hall. He's been seen meeting with all the teaching faculty over the past week or two and we're hoping for good things to happen. He gave a quick intro at the beginning of the quarter. All I know is that as soon as he stepped up and became dean we've got a new working water fountain the next day. +1 point for Abe.



    • Tim DoTim Do
      Apr 21, 07 7:47 pm

      from his lecture, hitoshi abe seems like a really cool guy with a lot of talent. you are lucky to have him as dean.

      A Center for Ants?
      Apr 21, 07 8:41 pm

      we're very much in agreeance here. it's even more exciting that it seems like he's taking his role as dean very seriously. and his work is great. they're opening up a perspective of his work at UCLA in the gallery very soon.

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