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    David Zeibin Jan 23 '06 1

    OK. Just a quick one. I should have posted this with the other one, but that was funny, and this one is more, um, astonishing. Hence, it's more important and deserves its own post.

    For studio, were in the research phase, and I'm looking at El Ejido, Spain. Go on, type that into Google Maps, turn on satellite view, and scroll down a bit. (Or try this link. Let me know if it actually works for you: El Ejido, Almerían Peninsula, Spain

    All those white bits are greenhouses. The whole area is an agricultural "factory." In fact, this bit of whiteness is apparently visible from space.

    Reference Keller Easterling's new book "Enduring Innocence" or her essay "Tomato World" for more info. I need to get back to reading for my seminar tomorrow morning.

    If anyone has ideas (or information) for diagrams explaining Spanish-Moroccan labour relations, international agricultural trade mechanisms, or supporting infrastructure of this area, feel free to let me know. I have some heavy diagramming to attempt before the night is through...

    Give it, bring it,



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