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    Homo milk as a low-fat alternative to cream?

    David Zeibin Aug 24 '05 2

    In other news: My Mac's hard drive got weird and kinda crapped out. I think I fixed it, but I didn't trust it, so it's in the shop now. In the same weekend, my work computer's power supply blew out, so that's in the shop too. My digital life is currently stored on a 40GB hard drive I've been carrying around with me. Lame, huh?

    Big event last Thursday here in Vancouver. Will try to post pictures this evening.

    Now, back to milk vs cream:



    • DEVicox
      Aug 25, 05 2:46 pm

      reliability of mac's...

      David Zeibin
      Aug 25, 05 2:56 pm

      Yep. Also known as unreliable. Of course, since it was a single component of each (power supply in one, hard drive in the other), I'm more apt to blame the manufacturers rather than Apple. But of course, what kind of two-bit company buys sub-par components for their high-end machines?

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