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    Yet another post that has nothing to do with architecture

    David Zeibin Jan 20 '06 7

    I'll post something about architecture soon, I promise. It's shaping up to be a bizarrely fantastic term.

    Right now, we're enduring days upon days of fucking rain in Vancouver. We missed breaking the record for the most consecutive days of rain ever here (28 days) by 2 days. Weirdly, the city has never been so pissed at seeing the sun on a Sunday afternoon. Nevertheless, it continued raining the next day, and the forecast shows rain for at least the next week.

    Then I was listening to a band just now - North Atlantic Explorers - and their song "Anchors Away." It's really gorgeous. You can listen to a bunch of their stuff here: and download a couple MP3s here: Very epic.

    Anyhow, as I was browsing my live-in girlfriend's iTunes collection listening to NAE, I came across a song I had put on a CD for her. Aptly: "Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect" by the Decemberists. The mix CD was called "August is really great" (there is a series of them, titled by month, beginning with "March is like February") and it reminded me of autumn in Edmonton. There are a lot of things about Edmonton that I miss, and dammit if fall there ain't one of 'em. There's something about your formative years in crispy air crunching crispy leaves as you walk. Cliché: I've never felt more alive.

    That is, then, I never felt more alive. Now, I just feel soggy. Fuck you, rain.



    • David Cuthbert
      Jan 20, 06 7:42 am

      Lol - don't bother post architecture - you just made me split my side with laughter. One question is the live in girlfriend different from the other girlfriend??

      liberty bell
      Jan 20, 06 10:24 am

      I agree with jam - a very enjoyable read, architectural or not.

      Jan 20, 06 1:11 pm

      Funny how some music can take you back to a time, a place, a memory.

      liberty bell
      Jan 20, 06 2:11 pm

      Wow!!! Anchors Away is beautiful! I' may have to buy this.

      vado retro
      Jan 20, 06 5:38 pm

      mmm mmm on the music

      David Zeibin
      Jan 23, 06 12:17 am

      Live-in gf is the same one and always has been. Are you trying to get my in trouble with such suggestive queries?

      liberty bell
      Jan 26, 06 10:00 am

      David, speaking of Canadian music, vado and I caught a concert last night - Canadian music is suddenly A-plus-number-one in my world! Jason Colett and Feist. Amazing, amazing show.

      Go Canada!

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