Caribbean School of Architecture (David)

  • Barbados Study Tour: Six of Our Own

    Last night Architect Paul Simpson made a presentation entitled, Six of Our Own, featuring the work of former students of the Caribbean School of Architecture. Aiming to enrich the perspective of the students the presentation exhibited the works of the following architects; David...

  • Barbados Study Tour: Island Tour

    So on Sunday the students went on a guided tour around the island. I opted out of that instead choosing to spend the day relaxing. But to be abreast of their exposure I undertook the same trip today with my wife. The aim was drive from the parish of St. George through all the 11 parishes. Along...

  • Day #6 (Barbados)

    This evening was the second interim presentation. After a late start - a very late start, students presented their continued research of Bridgetown as well as ideas about possible interventions in their various zones. The jury was made up of former graduates of the Caribbean School of...

  • Day #4 (Barbados) - or how I fell in love

    On study tours you have to be guided by what is available on the ground and on the advice of your hosts. Today myself and the other lecturer went in search of areas for the students to undertake a number of site analysis. However soon after we arrived to Bridgetown we were aided by a suspicious...

  • Day #2 (Barbados)

    Now the work begins. Recalling our tour of Bridgetown we attempted to define distinguishable areas of study. 7 areas each of distinct character were identified and allocated to the students. The project in this phase requires initial data gathering - hand sketches and field measurements of street...

  • Study Tour: Barbados

    At the end of summer 2011 I made the transition from the 2nd year to the 4th year design studio. As part of the studio requirements students are expected in the 2nd semester to travel to another Caribbean island to undertake an urban study tour. This year the students went to Bridgetown, Barbados...

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