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    no Glenn, who then?

    David Cuthbert Oct 25 '08 1

    For 4 critical hours during the US Presidential Elections I will be in the Climate and Architecture critique. But this does not affect me directly as I cannot vote...I'm Jamaican

    In other news...continuing from my previous post about the lecture series. I made contact with Glenn Murcutt who has been top on our list since I was at the GMMC in 2001. Turns out he's cutting down on his trans Pacific/Altantic trips to spend more time at home.

    Anyway two things have arisen from this problem. Firstly finding a replacement, a quick list of names that have arisen; Rem Koolhaas (OMA), Bridget Shim (Shim Shutcliffe), David Adjaye, Bjarke Inglels (BIG). Previously we hosted Douglas Cardinal and Charles Correra

    The second is the desire for a Young Architects Symposium - which oddly will be based on the topic previous seen here, and may have an open invitation for papers/abstracts as early as December.

    anyway here are two random images of the recent desk critiques


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