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    going to the movies

    David Cuthbert Nov 24 '09 7

    Coming to the end of the 4th year Architectural History course - Modern Ideas and Architecture students were invited to pool their efforts from the lectures and tutorials to produce a film study of contemporary Caribbean architecture using examples found in Jamaica.

    Whilst the topic was fairly open to interpretation the students were expected to succinctly express the research relative to the chosen themes citing factual data as well as a correlation to the previous reading assignments.

    Along with the film study, students were expected on a weekly basis to provide a synopsis of their building or area of focus, story boards, and posters presenting their themes.

    the themes covered were

    International Style in Jamaica
    Contemporary Jamaican Architecture ::: the look of the Old
    Contemporary Jamaican Architecture ::: transcending tradition
    Generated by a response to climate
    Container architecture
    Neo-Classicism Island style
    The Search for Jamaican Utopia

    below is a sample of the posters




    • liberty bell
      Nov 25, 09 11:34 pm

      So when do we get to see the movie!?

      David Cuthbert
      Nov 27, 09 12:16 am

      not to worry LB the images will be uploaded to youtube/vimeo next week and will be available for viewing after the showing

      liberty bell
      Nov 29, 09 10:28 am

      Jeez, David, you're right - the spam here is getting a bit out of control.

      Jan 14, 10 3:00 pm

      I love visiting the Caribbean and I like to watch the jumpers on the clif rocks dive for the tourists. I would actually love to live there one day.

      Jan 14, 10 8:48 pm

      Thanks for the hint, I was looking for sth. like that for months :-) Natural Penis Enlargement

      Jan 15, 10 3:07 am

      Stunning stuff..I was on the lookout for this for many days now. solar power for home

      Jan 22, 10 7:40 pm

      I love the Caribbean! I bet it is so much fun to go to school there. I run a health insurance company in Louisiana and I never get to leave. Its very sad, but I will one day.

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