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    meet me in...Louisville

    David Cuthbert Sep 29 '08 10

    Just back from Louisville, attending the Idea Festival where Bjarke Ingels of BIG spoke about his firm and the Designs on the Future City

    info on the speaker

    Bjarke is an eloquent speaker, and the work of BIG impressively melds concept, formal analysis into built form. It was a treat to attend the festival.

    Whilst at the festival in Louisville, I got to meet with a few archinecteurs (one native to the beautiful city). Later we had drinks with Bjarke to further pinch his brain about his work and the state of architecture.

    The journey was capped off with a visit to Cincinnati and another archinect meet-up, this time with Tunamelt. More photos on my flickr page.



    • MADianito
      Sep 29, 08 5:33 pm

      nice that Bjarke is a funny kid

      Sep 29, 08 5:33 pm

      I take it you are not talking about Future City, Kentucky?

      And yes, this is a real place. I have been there. wait...... will be there???

      Sep 29, 08 6:00 pm


      Sep 29, 08 6:47 pm

      nice boobs, the photos i mean...

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      Sep 29, 08 9:15 pm

      look at all those glasses! sorry i missed that part.

      liberty bell
      Sep 29, 08 9:37 pm

      Yes, jr and I look like twins.

      Bjarke is totally adorable and does fantastic work.

      Buncha smart, sexy people sitting around under those boobs. I was way out of my league - should have just taken off my shirt and blended in with the artwork!

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Sep 29, 08 10:36 pm

      Liberty you added a healthy dose of class to the afternoon. And more importantly I think we should make this an annual archinect outing... Steven can you make that happen?

      liberty bell
      Sep 29, 08 10:51 pm

      Well Idea Festival does happen every year in Louisville - last year it was where Steven and I met Cameron Sinclair, who knows who will speak next year! Plan for it, techno - and maybe I'll be able to make it more than just a day trip next time.

      vado retro
      Sep 29, 08 10:53 pm

      lb you are so classy and smart and beautiful that this is the first time i noticed that there were boobs behind me!

      Sep 30, 08 5:23 am

      me and the Joad family might be in the neighborhood next year, perhaps we can all meet at the apple picking work camp?

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