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    be careful what you say

    David Cuthbert Oct 18 '08 6

    So as a response to the request for Lecture Posters to "pin up on archinect" I go to speak with the folks in charge. Knowing full well that a cohesive list of presenters does not exist, I ask nonetheless.

    I was told, albeit not alarmed that the creation of such a list has been attempted many times before but failed in its execution for one reason or another. It doesn't help that those available to share their professional wisdom happen to be an expensive plane ride away.

    Now in the spirit of turning limes into lemonade, I proposed a solution to the head of school, of using the extremely valuable experience of the existing staff to get the ball rolling. Hah! And here is the boomerang, he loved the idea and insisted/kindly suggested that I be the one to set it up.

    So I throw this out to all architects, designers, writers, futurists or anyone who may skirt the wrealm of architecture to come and share their thoughts and ideas with a room full of knowledge thirsty students...hey and if you are lucky we'll have a cold red stripe in the offering.

    ps. the above poster is hypothetical and should not be used in anything aside from comic relief


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