Uli Wagner Design Lab

Uli Wagner Design Lab

Brooklyn, NY



Uli Wagner Design Lab collaborated with the postproduction company 'Modern Post' and designed their office in Soho.
With smart space planning and elegant furnishing we turned this Soho loft into an airy and comfortable work environment. While developing a concept for all workstations our main focus was on seating areas for client hosting, specifically targeting  design savvy clients in a relaxed but chic atmosphere.
The warm seating arrangements in the rooms along the window elevations are reserved for chief editors and clients, while the centrally offered furnishings are rather meant as communal meeting points for clients and staff.
Double layered curtains along the glass window-wall allow for different and flexible grades of privacy within the editing studios, while contributing to an overall residential feel.
Following the latest trends in work / life fluidity and offering a less office like work environment.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: Photos by Linda Jaquez