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Uli Wagner Design Lab

Brooklyn, NY



Uli Wagner Design Lab was commissioned by a German Real Estate AG Proximus to update the lobbies in two neighboring buildings of the landmarked Gerling Quarter in Cologne, Germany. The design had to be attractive to potential buyers and invite a new clientele of tenants such as young, thriving creative businesses. Simultaneously, the owner is rebranding the buildings with new names and logos. Driven by a tight construction budget, Uli Wagner decided to maintain the, in its context dated, however valuable and well executed stone work and contrast it with fresher looking materials, furniture and first of all more up to date ceiling and lighting schemes in both buildings.

In the office building, recently named as ‘THE SPIKES’, Uli Wagner Design Lab preserved the dark green marble floor, cleaned up the elevations, chose graphic materials for walls and elevator core, and opened up the ceiling to a more industrial look. This allowed for an easy new HVAC install, as well as an optimal use of the height of the lobby floor.
In the other office building, recently named as ‘THE CORNER’, Uli Wagner Design Lab maintained the Travertine wall finish, contrasted it with a new duotone stone flooring, a facetted drywall and a plaster ceiling with smartly hidden, integrated lighting.
In both cases the strategic, well-visible placement of the marketing name was an essential part of the coordinated planning.
Both projects are currently under execution.

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Status: Built
Location: Cologne, DE