Seth Powers Photography

Seth Powers Photography

Shanghai, CN


MTM Skincare Chengdu

More Design Office (MDO)’s new treatment spa for Hong Kong-based MTM Skincare is a hidden gem accessed via a gently curving feature stair. 

Situated in Chengdu’s Taikoo Li, the 400sqm spa has 2 main functions, a retail-orientated ground floor where customers can have their skin analyzied by MTM’s consultants who can recommend custom-made skin products. On the 2nd floor is expansive treatment area where the clients can receive facial treatments and massage.

As part of MTM’s China presence MDO developed a new store for the concept which highlights the scientific and bespoke nature to MTM’s service. Referring to the brand’s Japanese origins, the new palette is neutral in colour, with natural materials of stone and timber carefully detailed, and focus on space and boundaries.

The guests meet with the consultants in specially design booths where their skin can be analyzed. The process is open, but privacy is achieved by a series of layers which draw reference from the Japanese screen.

The two functions of retail and treatment are separated vertically. The feature stair becomes the boundary and transition space organizing public/private, fast/slow, clinical/spa.

As guests climb the stair the ceiling folds over and the walls are lit by hidden uplights creating a warm and comforting environment. The second floor spaces are lit with just floor washers which graze the lower walls to create a Zen like experience, taking the visitors far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

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Status: Built
Location: Chengdu, CN
Firm Role: Photography
Additional Credits: Interior Design: More Design Office (MDO)