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Seth Powers Photography

Shanghai, CN


House of Grace Chen

Kokaistudios has completed the renovation of a historical villa, located in the heart of the city’s former French Concession. The villa was transformed into the home for a Shanghai-based Haute Couture brand, Grace Chen. 

The entrance to the villa is marked by a large black and bronze weaved metal gate, the design of which was inspired by one of Grace Chen’s designs. It provides privacy, coupled with a strong sense of arrival. The villa itself, originally designed in a Spanish style and built in 1924, is located on Huashan Road, one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods. Kokaistudios embarked on an architectural restoration of the building that valorized the villa’s original features, including the French doors, the inlaid marble mosaic flooring on the upstairs terrace, as well as the beautiful facade brickwork. 

The villa overlooks a courtyard that was completely re-designed to meet the client's needs, functioning as an event space and an area for hosting small fashion shows. The architect divided the villa into a series of areas, with a progression from the public areas on the ground floor to the most private areas on the third floor. Taking inspiration from Grace Chen’s beautiful and intricately crafted clothing, Kokaistudios developed a design strategy that is feminine and elegant, yet completes the classic design of the villa with a touch of modernity. While much of the custom-made cabinetry and display mirrors were designed in a style to complement the historic nature of the villa, the architect chose to contrast them with features and finishes that were intentionally modern. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: Photography
Additional Credits: Architects: Kokaistudios