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Cha House - A Classic Opulence

Located at the edge of HKRI Taikoo Hui and next to The Sukhothai Shanghai, Cha House boasts a colonial baroque architectural style. Every detail of the space is a witness to history.

Constructed in the 1920s, the three-storey structure - rising to four floors on the east and west sides - was owned by two Shanghai tycoons until 1940, when it became part of a school campus. In 1999, the building was acknowledged as one of Shanghai’s heritage architecture sites.

In 2010, the building marked another historical moment, when the entire construction was physically moved 57.3 metres to its current location. To commemorate HKR International Limited’s founder, Dr Cha Chi-Ming, and bring new life to the venue, the building was renamed Cha House.

To preserve the character of Cha House, heritage elements such as vintage tiles, French windows and antique stained-glass doors were aesthetically restored. The second and third floors consist of verandahs with arches and iconic columns. From the mosaic flooring made up of red, yellow and black tiles, to the Spanish spiral railings and carvings in the shape of pearls and lotus flowers, guests can experience a mix of both traditional and contemporary Shanghai culture amassed over a century of existence. Recalling the opulent lifestyle of a lavish household of a century ago, the Level 3 features velvet sofas, fireplaces, exquisite marble walls and a bar counter. Two dining rooms on the east and west sides each host up to ten guests, and a boardroom comfortably accommodates ten people.

Curated for exclusive private previews, showcases, exhibitions, and social dining functions, Cha House is a unique and versatile space where events come alive.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai
Firm Role: Photography