Seth Powers Photography

Seth Powers Photography

Shanghai, CN


Kids2 Shanghai Office

The new Shanghai office of Kids2 in world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower. Designed by M Moser Associates. Completed in 2020.  

Growing its China operations to attract world-class professionals in every department and engage with various partners within its ecosystem, Kids2 required a high-performance space to not only bring staff together but create an environment that fuels innovation, creativity and transfiguring ideas within its teams and with its partners. 

Hand in hand with Kids2 stakeholders, M Moser’s multi-disciplinary team delivered a WELL-targeted, high-performance workplace. This culturally resonant space champions brand story and business ambition while strengthening connection with customers and partners in China. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: Photography
Additional Credits: Interior Design: M Moser Associates