Beirut, LB


Tawleh restaurant - Beirut

PSLab collaborated with Tawlet restaurant in Beirut to highlight its dessert and beverage serving section. Tawlet is the latest venture of Souke el Tayeb, a well-known organization that manages markets specializing in fresh, rural produce across Lebanon.

The spac, characterized with a high-ceiling, necessitated a custom approach. The products PSLab inserted are made-up of a grouping of rods shaping a circle and welded to two rings. AT the products' bottom section, each rod points out to form an angle before pointing back towards the fixtures center axis. This angulation provides the products with volume. Each rod is topped with an exposed bulb at its extremity. Together the bulbs shape a circle parallel to the products' supporting plate.

These fixtures are reflective of the manual and custom manufacturing skills at the PSLab workshop and are topped with a black high-end finish to match the feel of the space. 

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
Firm Role: lighting design and manufactoring