Beirut, LB


BURGUNDY - Beirut, Lebanon

BURGUNDY, Wine Bar & Restaurant
Beirut, Lebanon
Design Practice – Architectes Anonymes

Every project starts with a space, and with PSLab, that space is the essential dynamic of each lighting product they construct. The high, arched ceiling of Burgundy wine bar in Beirut, with its stark wooden beams stretching rib-like across the wire mesh of the ceiling, draw the eye as if into the belly of a whale. PSLab’s dramatic lighting interventions into this space have the dual function of highlighting the functional division of the space below into restaurant and bar areas, and creating an astonishing visual signature.

PSLab’s team created and manufactured a series of unique chandelier-like objects, suspending them from the exposed wooden beams. Each lamp is made up of steel tubes fanning out from the centre of the fixture at graded angles, light streaming from their circular mouths, rendering a semi-floral yet abstract and modern structure, whose overall curvature reflects the vaulted ceiling above.
The restaurant’s entrance is further lit by black projectors, also set into the overhead beams, using them as camouflage for the technical parts and leaving the lighting element free to rotate the light source as required.

These unique products, imagined according to the constraining physical factors of the site, will also find life through their availability as part of PSLab’s standard products archive, which they enter on completion.

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
Firm Role: Lighting Designer & Manufacturing