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Le BonBon Restaurant, Mainz

Le BonBon Ivecen GbR is a family‐owned company that was established in the gastronomic
environment of Mainz many years ago. Owner and manager Kamil and Ozgur Ivecen form the basis of
the business due to their professional heritage. Located in the former local theater on Spritzengasse 2 in Mainz forming a place for communication and encounter of young and old for many years already. It combines typical bar culture with excellent food framing part of the trilogy for Ivecen GbR in addition to their existing addresses in the Lomo and the Hinz & Kunz.

PSLab collaborates with architecture & design studio FORMAAT and a local artist to develop a
lighting design concept that enhances the different areas of the space: the bar and the restaurant. The theatrical heritage was used as the main criteria to develop the lighting solution.
The projectors in graphical finish along with the acrylic cylinder defining the design installation and are the element of the concept. They serve to lit the individually each table as a stage-set installation.
The outer finish of the projector is black‐powdered coated aiming to reduce impact on the overall interior concept.

The ceiling mounted fixtures above the bar form the counter‐pole of the restaurant lighting concept. The suspensions can be experienced as a major design feature and/or fade into the background to enhance the graphical design concept of the bar.
Two different finishes were chosen – black‐powdered on the outside of the rings to show the
graphic illusion of the shadow and beautiful brass on the inside of the rings to play with reflections
of the light source. Guest will be intrigued by the warmth and reflections of the lights.
The harmonious interaction between place, task and team’s input highlights the theatrical heritage of the space.

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Status: Built
Location: Mainz, DE
Firm Role: Lighting Designer & Manufacturer
Additional Credits: Design Practice: FORMAAT